Remove Rust Stains on Driveways with UnRust

Many items around your property can get rusty, including lawn equipment, car parts, metal fencing, and rain chains. Additionally, if your home's water contains a lot of iron, anything the water touches can get rust stains, including your driveway, plastic fencing, and lawn furniture.

Rust can be a pain to remove, and you may be putting off dealing with it because you don’t want the backache that scrubbing will give you. However, delaying will just make the problem worse.

Fortunately, UnRust’s rust remover can solve your rust problem for good.

Try Our Easy-to-Use Product

To use UnRust's rust remover, just mix eight ounces of rust remover with one gallon of water. Then, apply the mixture to the rust or rust stain with a pump sprayer, mop, paint roller, or brush. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes, and then rinse the area to deactivate the rust remover.

If the stain isn’t very stubborn, it should already be gone. If it is stubborn, just repeat the process a couple more times and watch it fade away.

UnRust’s rust remover is safe for your lawn, so you don’t need to worry about removing rust stains on your driveway. Additionally, the rust remover comes in the form of dry crystals, which makes it easier and safer to store than most liquid brands. You can trust UnRust to give you the best solution available.

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If you need to get rid of some rust, you have two purchasing options: you can call us at 423-946-7696 and order over the phone, or you can peruse our product page. If you have any questions about UnRust Rust Remover, please contact us so we can resolve your concerns. When you are ready, order whichever size is best for your needs, and get rid of that rust fast!


UNRUST Rust Remover
RUST Removal From Anything!

Before UNRUST Stain Remover Demonstration of our product to remove rust stains on driveways

    UNRUST Rust Remover makes rust removal easy. 
Remove rust from concrete, stucco, plastic fencing, stone and lawn furniture, fast.

UNRUST Rust Remover removes iron oxide, use UNRUST Rust Remover on a test area before doing a large area that may contain iron oxide as a coloring agent.

UNRUST Rust Remover comes in 3 sizes;

Only have a small amount of rust to remove try our Starter Size.16oz. UNRUST Rust Remover
16oz. pouch, enough to make 2-4 gallons of UNRUST Rust Remover depending on how strong you need it. A GREAT Size to try, it out!

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                         Do you have rust stains from fertilizer? This will take it OFF!
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   1.25 Gallon Rust Remover  
UNRUST Rust Remover

Makes 20 gallons covers about 2,000 square feet.             
1.25 gallon UNRUST Rust Remover

If you have any difficulty placing your order;
Call; 423-946-7696
We can take it over the phone.

Comments : "Thank you our swim team purchased an old YMCA and for the past 5-7 they let it go and since I can't say no I am volunteering to get the facility back in shape and the Unrust has been a miracle. I thought we would be stuck with those old red stains. It makes the pool tile look new again. I purchased a small tub of unrust skeptical that anything could remove the rust off of out Swim Club's pool deck. We tried Naval Jelly, CLR ,Bar Keepers Friend, Chlorine, Acid and nothing worked until Unrust. It was amazing and I will order more. All the families have asked what did I use." Thank you   D. Listerman, Xenia, Ohio

UNRUST Rust Remover removes iron oxide, use UNRUST Rust Remover on a test area before doing a large area that may contain iron oxide as a coloring agent.

5 Gallon Rust Remover
UNRUST Rust Remover

Makes 80 gallons covers about 8,000 square feet.
5 gallon UNRUST Rust Remover

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                           Do you have rust stains from fertilizer? This will take it OFF!

I got your  UnRust remover yesterday via UPS and we started this morning on the roof of my 12x12 shed and that roof was almost purple from rust, we did have to scrub a little, but I kept spraying that UnRust Remover on and my God, the rust started running off. With-in a few hours it was almost back to the normal roof color, we really still can't believe what your product did.
Then we tackled the 31 foot long shed where rust has come on very fast in the past few months and only on the side facing the sun. We had neighbors watching by now and we sprayed that on and it rolled right off, we never had to scrub a thing, just re-apply in a few areas, so tomorrow we are ready to paint and etc. 

Personally I didn't believe you or your pictures, but I would try anything at that point and glad you talked my hired help into
believing it would work.
We will be spreading the word how your product really works and I am going to send Arrow Sheds an e-mail next to let them know what to reccomend and going to Home Depot next week so will push your product to them too.
When you want to know how to remove rust, UnRust is the answer for rust removal.
Thank You so very much, you have saved me hundreds of dollars.
G. Kendall, Yerington , Nv.

UNRUST Rust Remover
is dry crystal. Mix with water to activate.  

Apply UNRUST Rust Remover with a pump-up sprayer, mop, roller, or brush. Pump Sprayer

After applying, rinse off with fresh water to deactivate it.

UNRUST Rust Remover is safe on all surfaces and will not kill grass or plant material.

Stained concrete can restored back to like new.
If you have tried CLR cleaner, naval jelly, or rust converter, try us.

Stains are easily removed from;

Stucco, Concrete, Pavers, Plants, Wood, Plastic Fencing, Siding, Metal Rails,
Marine Parts, Auto Parts, Lawn Furniture, Even Copper

"I used the UNRUST Rust Remover on my stained "paint" driveway and walkway for the first time today. I cannot believe how fantastic this product works!!!! I needed only three mixed gallons and the stains are absolutely GONE!!!!!! I used to use the premixed liquid from the box stores and would use at least 8 gallons with unsatisfactory results. Then, I would have to power wash to get it somewhat right. I noticed that the professionals working in the neighborhood mixing their own stuff so I thought I would give UNRUST a try.
This stuff is absolutely awesome!!!!

Thanks for the great product!!!"

Carl N., Gulf Breeze, FL 

Before After


Here is a comment from another UNRUST Customer;


D. Jones

UNRUST works GREAT on PaversUNRUST will not harm Pavers

Before and After UNRUST Remover

"I just received your product and used it to remove the stains from my irrigation system on my stone retaining walls. I am very impressed with the results. I have used a more expensive product in the past and yours worked better. The water in my neighborhood is full of iron. I have already told my neighbors about your product. They witnessed the results I achieved and are going to make the switch to your product.

Why wouldn't they? It's a great value!

I took a photo of my retaining wall, part of it before and part after the application of your product.

The difference is amazing!"

Tom Minnetrista, MN

        Remove RUST From Any Metal!

UNRUST Rust Remover works GREAT
on any type of RUST!

                                                                                  Restore Rusted Parts

Clean rusted tools, engine blocks and any rusted surface.
UNRUST Rust Remover removes the toughest rust and not harm the raw metal. 

This kind of rust is no problem!Look at this rusted 57 Chevy,
UNRUST Rust Remover will remove even that kind of rust.

Here is a test area to show the power of UNRUST!
"Only a small area was treated to show the rust removed, UNRUST Rust Remover only removes the rust and stops at the bare metal!"
This is a test area on the rusted 1957 Chevy in the picture above.
  UNRUST Rust Remover is 100% chemical concentratein the dry crystal form. Mix with water to activate.

UNRUST Rust Remover comes in a dry salt form. 

Apply UNRUST Rust Remover with a pump-up sprayer, brush, or you can make up a tank to soak the rusted parts.

After applying, rinse off with fresh water to deactivate it.

UNRUST Rust Remover is safe on all surfaces.

Rust is easily removed from;

Motorcycle gas tanks, All gas tanks, Antique auto parts, Metal Rails, 
Marine Parts, Auto Parts, Brass, Even Copper

Questions? Call (423)-946-7696

You can use UNRUST Rust Remover on sheet metal.

We have, Body shops that use UNRUST Rust Remover as liquid sand paper.

All that is necessary is to spray it on and rinse off.

Then you are ready to prime.

UNRUST Rust Remover is that easy.

UNRUST Rust Remover removes only the oxidized metal, it will not etch or attack the unoxidized, "raw" metal.

UNRUST Rust Remover works GREAT on antiques.

Questions? Call (423)-946-7696

Place your order before 4:00 PM EST for same day shipping.

Email; rusty@unrust.com

BeforeUNRUST Rust RemoverAfter

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